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Finding The Right College Is Freakin’ Impossible
There are more than 4,000 universities and colleges nationwide and the problem becomes pretty clear: students have no shot of actually finding the right college for them.
The short of it is that colleges are incentivized to put students in tremendous debt rather than graduating them on-time without debilitating debt. Some colleges—the ones that we've identified—ensure that students have their needs met, incluiding financials, social and emotional needs, and offering degrees that lead to employment.
We also use large sets of data, trends, and research, not a single person's experience or rumor. We made sure to use the same data source to remain consistent and reliable. Finally, the social fit questions were adapted from research. We're happy to tell you all about this research and data sources. Just ask!
It is nearly impossible to decipher which colleges are that right fit for you. Too many people and entities are working to make sure students think college isn't for them or that they can't afford it. That's why we've done the work.
You just need to know that college is important. Most careers and professions require a Bachelor's degree to enter and advance. At minimum. It's also the only guaranteed way for individuals to change the outcomes of their families and communities for generations.
And So People Are Going To The
Wrong Schools
of applicants are accepted to college
of students eligible for a four-year university go to community college instead
of college students actually graduate in 6 years or less
of students will graduate with crippling debt
The Alternative is Super Expensive
It used to be that the only way you could get sound advice on where to go to college was to hire a private college counselor, many of whom cost more than a year of tuition. This means that going to the right college was a privilege for those with resources.
Want to see how you fit?
We make college access... accessible so you can know that the college you're applying to is the right fit for you.