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It’s All About Fit
Currently our system of college admissions is dependent on what college comes to mind when you think of college. Try it. What college did you think of first?
It’s probably an Ivy League college, or a college with a great football program, or one down the street. This works well for these colleges because it basically means that all 20 million applications are first going to these colleges. The same 30 colleges…
Meanwhile the colleges that will fund you and graduate you on-time are just hoping that you find out about them another way. You may Google “colleges near USC” or “colleges like Harvard” and that sort of works for a handful of students, but your Googling didn’t tell you if you’re a great fit for that college.
And we know from data and listening to students over the past few decades that you had no intention of going to those colleges. You were applying just to apply.
Your Googling also didn’t tell you about great campuses that may be in other great cities, or have interesting programs, or great funding. It’s not that you’re bad at Google. That information is just impossible to find.
So we took the guessing out. You take a survey and we give you a list of what’s possible.
Easy peasy.
Don’t you hate it when someone tells you what is possible but doesn’t tell you how to get there? It’s like telling you about the most amazing restaurant without giving you the address. We don’t do that. We tell you how to get there.
Now you’re equipped with all the talking points and data. So if you decide that the Ivy League college, or the college with the great football program, or the college down the street is still your best bet, you made that decision with all the information. And if you decide to give some of these colleges a shot, here’s how choosing wisely has turned out:
100% of students who applied to Bridge to College matched colleges were admitted, had their funding needs met, and are on track to graduate on-time
I know. We had you at “fit.” Let’s get you through college.